Extrusion and Fabrication for Traditional Aluminum Frames

extrusion-and-fabricationThere are many benefits of aluminum products for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Extrusion and fabrication are used to create traditional aluminum frames, as well as aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum extrusion is a process that turns basic aluminum materials into many different shapes by pressing them through a profile or die. When the aluminum material is pushed through the cross-section die, the manufacturer is able to create an unlimited number of complex shapes. While it might seem that this process would weaken the metal, it actually strengthens it, making it even more valuable as a result.

Some of the benefits of aluminum products that have been created through extrusion and fabrication include reduced costs, lighter weight than other metals and quicker delivery of orders than through other metal manufacturing methods. Choose from a selection of standard extrusion profiles, such as tubes, bars and angles, or create your own custom aluminum extrusions to use as parts for aluminum doors and windows or other industry solutions. Extrusion and fabrication are a big part of the value associated with using these materials, but the aluminum itself and its properties is also a key ingredient.

Aluminum is Plentiful
Did you know that aluminum is the number one most recycled metal in the world? Thanks in part to awareness brought to the ability of aluminum to be recycled and reused over and over without degrading the value of the metal, consumers and industrial businesses all over the planet recycle more aluminum scrap metal than anything else. From beverage cans to construction waste, aluminum enjoys a very high rate of recycling.

Because aluminum is so plentiful and available at an affordable rate due to recycling efforts, it is a very cost-effective material. Raw aluminum is also one of the most frequently mined metals on earth and there is no shortage of it in sight. Supply and demand works in the favor of the manufacturer who creates traditional aluminum frames through extrusion and fabrication because aluminum is plentiful and very affordable compared to other metals.

Aluminum is Versatile
While other metals are often used in extrusion and fabrication, aluminum is by far the most pliable and versatile. There is an unlimited number of shapes and sizes that can be created through the aluminum extrusion process and the results really reveal some of the most popular benefits of aluminum products. Extremely complex and diverse custom aluminum extrusions can be created with very light gauged walls, irregular surfaces and shapes that would be otherwise extremely difficult to cut and create.

Choosing a high quality aluminum supplier and manufacturer, such as Silver City Aluminum, is also important when the results really matter. When creating traditional aluminum frames or making custom shaped aluminum doors or windows, the quality of the materials and the methods used in extrusion and fabrication will really shine through.

Our team of technicians at Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience working with aluminum extrusion and can help you create your own custom profile or die to get the results you desire for your next project. We are a one stop extrusion and fabrication shop, providing our customers with all the services they require without having to send off the parts for additional work and delaying delivery for any reason.

Aluminum is Long-Lasting
Compared to other metals and materials that are used in extrusion, aluminum has a very long life. Aluminum extrusion and fabrication will last for many years, often exceeding the expectations of the client. While most people think of aluminum as being a very thin and easily crush-able material like what they see in soda or beer cans, aluminum is actually a very tough and durable metal that takes a long time to break down – even in extreme situations.

Despite it’s light weight, which makes aluminum desirable for aircraft and automobiles, aluminum is extremely strong. It is used to create sheets, wires, blocks and bars, which are used in a number of different industries. Aluminum doors and windows will stand up to strong winds and storms, can be installed and removed seasonally without experiencing damage and are very easy to work with. Traditional aluminum frames are used across many different industries including construction and other tough situations.

Trust Silver City Aluminum for Custom Extrusion and Fabrication
If you are in the market for aluminum doors and windows, traditional aluminum frames or other types of standard or custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication, look no further than Silver City Aluminum. Our team of experienced and trained expert technicians can take you through the entire process, reveal the benefits of aluminum products and help you decide whether or not aluminum extrusion and fabrication is right for your next project.