Aluminum Tubes: Using Standard and Custom Aluminum Products

aluminum-tubesOnce you understand how the process of tube, rod and bar aluminum extrusion works, it is easy to see why it is such a popular material in the manufacturing industry. Aluminum fabrication shops that can do extrusions and additional services, such as painting aluminum products or deburring and cutting them to specifications, offer customers an even bigger advantage because everything can be done in-house and quality control can be maintained.

How It Works
Tube, rod and bar aluminum is created by passing heated aluminum materials through a die or profile. This profile can be standard or designed custom by the client to create a specific or unique shape. Custom aluminum products are usually just as easy to make as standard products, however most aluminum tube and other standard designs are often more readily available and quicker to be delivered than a custom job. The tubes that are made through extrusion at aluminum fabrication shops are used all over the world in a variety of different ways. Because of the light weight benefits associated with custom aluminum products, they can be used to create boats, aircraft and many different types of land vehicles.

The aluminum itself is very strong, but it is also very flexible. Aluminum is a great conductor or electricity and heat. It is very durable and long-lasting. The tubes, rod and bar aluminum that is made at a custom aluminum extrusion shop has all of these properties, plus the strength and durability that is added to the metal itself when it goes through the extrusion process. Aluminum products can be customized even further through a variety of finishing services, including painting aluminum products or adding an anodized or powder coating to increase their durability and improve their overall look and feel.

Additional Fabrication Services
In addition to painting aluminum products and adding coatings, there are other additional services that can be done at custom aluminum fabrication shops. The tubes can be made to connect with each other through the use of telescoping profiles, as well as through welding, soldering or the use of nuts and bolts. They can be easily bent and joined for assembly, while still maintaining strength and durability.

Heli-coiling, assembly, punching, precision sawing and mitering are just some of the additional fabrication services available at Silver City Aluminum that can help to complete your project. The lower cost of the aluminum material itself compared to other similarly performing metals helps manufacturers to be able to invest money into additional fabrications to create truly custom aluminum products without going over budget.

  • PUNCHING – Our technicians have become proficient in the creation of custom aluminum products that require pneumatic and hydraulic punches. Work with our team to specify custom punches for either low or high volume jobs that adhere to our high standards for consistency and quality.
  • PRECISION SAWING – Silver City Aluminum has two state-of-the-art precision saws that we use to finish cut our custom aluminum extrusions. It can be used with tube, rod and bar aluminum as well as with other custom designs. Our saws can hold the tightest tolerances for pieces that range between one-quarter of an inch to 240 inches in length with great consistency.
  • MITERING – We can also miter parts in our aluminum fabrication shops with our mitering saw, which is capable of mitering anywhere from 22.5 degrees to 135 degrees. We can work with lengths that range between 13.75 inches all the way on up to 19 feet, 8 inches in length.
  • HELI-COILING – A popular technique at Siliver City Aluminum that we provide to create truly custom aluminum products is heli-coiling. The heli-coil inserts are coils that are helically wound and precision formed, according to the client’s specifications. They are then inserted into a heli-coil tapped hole for extreme strength and reliability, eliminating the ability of materials at the thread site to rust, corrode, wear out or seize over time.

Call Silver City Aluminum for Custom Aluminum Products
If you are interested in ordering custom aluminum extrusions from our one stop aluminum fabrication shops, contact Silver City Aluminum via our website or by calling our Taunton, MA location at 508-824-8631. Our team will help you every step of the way with the creation of your standard or custom tube, rod and bar aluminum. We can also assist you in selecting secondary and finishing operations, such as painting aluminum products or adding protective coatings. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about creating a custom die.