Advantages of Using Aluminum in MA: Understanding Tolerances

understanding-tolerancesWhen it comes to working with custom aluminum extrusion, there are a lot of new things to learn about when it comes to the benefits and advantages associated with using this popular material and technique. Extruded aluminum is stronger and more durable than aluminum that has not gone through the process of custom or standard aluminum extrusions. The heating and processing of the metal itself strengthens it and makes it even more valuable to manufacturers and consumer end users.

What is Tolerance?

In the world of custom aluminum extrusion, the word tolerance is thrown around quite a lot. It is used because of the general assumption that a true dimension cannot be achieved. This tolerance, or allowance that is made for the variations in dimension, can vary greatly depending on how a product is used and the type of metal that was used to create it. Other influences include the expectation of quality, any safety requirements and the ultimate life cycle of the finished custom or standard aluminum extrusions.

This degree of allowed dimensional variances that can be seen throughout numerous manufacturing industries is known and understood as the tolerance. Components that are machined, including custom aluminum extrusion, are not exempt from the idea of tolerance. There is a certain level of variance in the physical or dimensional property control associated with every single type of manufacturing process. Making sure that the end result, the extruded aluminum parts or pieces, meets the expectation within the tolerable range is what separates a quality manufacturer from a less desirable service provider.

Setting Acceptable Standards

Even very precisely designed custom aluminum extrusion products will have some level of tolerance. Setting the acceptable range of standards for this tolerance can be a bit difficult. The precision of the custom or standard aluminum extrusions helps to decrease the tolerance that is allowed for a finished product, however it is important for a manufacturer to understand the specific tolerances of the custom aluminum extrusion to ensure that it is suitable for the final finished product or application.

During the development of the new custom die or profile using CAD or other design software, it is important to take these tolerances into consideration, especially when creating extrusions that will be telescoping or that will need to fit together in a certain way for assembly purposes. Any secondary operations that will be done to the custom aluminum extrusion after the initial use of the profile must also be taken into consideration to ensure proper fitting and application.

Silver City Aluminum works with each and every one of our clients to ensure that they are a part of the entire design and creation process. This helps to eliminate issues experienced by other manufacturers of extruded aluminum, including the development of specific size and length standard aluminum extrusions, in order to maximize the advantages of using aluminum in the first place.

Nobody is Perfect

While this statement typically refers to people, it also holds true when talking about extruded components. It is possible to create a very high quality piece that is fully suitable for the application it was designed to be used with, however it is impossible to create an absolutely perfect component with no variations. Working with a quality service provider that has many combined years of experience working with custom aluminum extrusion will decrease the amount of tolerance in the finished product, but no manufacturer exists that can get each piece 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time.

Speak with one of our technicians at Silver City Aluminum to learn more about tolerances and the other advantages of using aluminum. Choose from custom designed or standard aluminum extrusions to meet your needs and expectations. We will work closely with you to ensure that the finished custom aluminum extrusion is able to provide you with the fit, form and function that you require. Give us a call at our Taunton, MA location by calling 508-824-8631.