Custom Aluminum Extrusion and Standard Extrusions Explained

custom-diesWhen it comes to creating aluminum extrusion for use as parts or products for the purpose of manufacturing or designing products for consumers and commercial use, many question what the difference is between truly custom aluminum products and standard extrusions. A standard extrusion would be something that is created from a standard die, a shape that is created on a regular basis, such as a hollow tube, bar or angle.

While custom aluminum extrusion is created from a custom made die that is designed by the client to create a specific desired shape and purpose. Other custom alterations can include post extrusion operations that are done in aluminum fabrication shops, as well as finishing processes, like anodizing, painting or powder coating for better, longer-lasting results.

What is Custom Extrusion?
The amount of customization that goes into the finished part, piece or product depends on the specific needs of the client. While many extrusion shops promise to create custom aluminum products, they can be limited by what they are able to produce. However, large shops that have been in the business for many years and have built a reputation for creating truly custom aluminum extrusion, have the full capability of creating a finished result that is one-hundred percent custom, original and according to the client’s specifications.

Silver City Aluminum is one of those rare aluminum fabrication shops that can do standard extrusions, custom aluminum extrusion, post extrusion operations and finishing all on-site. While we do produce basic shapes, such as tubing, angles and channels for use in a variety of industries in an endless array of measurements, specifications and finishes, we also create custom aluminum products that begin with the basic design of a custom die through professional consultation with our clients.

How Are Dies Created?
A custom die is created according to the unique shape, size and type of product that the client requires for manufacturing. The die is created from steel so it can withstand the immense pressure when the custom aluminum extrusion is created. Our team will work directly with each individual client to design the perfect die for their needs to achieve the desired results. The die functions as a sort of mold and determines the cross-sectional shape of the finished piece, part or product.

Dies can be changed out easily, allowing aluminum fabrication shops to make multiple shapes and products to fill each order without a lot of downtime. Heated aluminum billets and pushed through the steel die in the extrusion equipment the same way they are with standard extrusions. Dies can be made to produce end products that are solid, semi-hollow or hollow, according to the client’s request. Once a custom die has been designed and created, it can be used again and again in the future as it is needed.

Why Create Custom Aluminum Products?
Compared to other materials, there are many benefits associated with choosing aluminum. The ability to create standard extrusions and custom aluminum extrusion is just one of many reasons why manufacturers choose to create custom aluminum products. Aluminum fabrication shops are able to use recycled aluminum materials, which makes these products very beneficial to the environment. They can be recycled again and again, over and over for an unlimited number of times. This makes aluminum products very cost-effective compared to other materials and its simultaneous malleability and strength allows it to be shaped and used for many different applications and industries.

Aluminum is easy to work with in custom or standard extrusions, allowing for the creation of simple or complex shapes and cross-sections, even when non-uniform thickness is required. Extrusion allows the shape to be completed in one single process, negating the need for welding or joining, which can increase manufacturing costs and create a less-durable end product. Additional options can be included in the custom aluminum extrusion die design, such as self-tapping features, snap or sliding fit, press fit and even tongue and groove to allow for simple and sturdy assembly.

Design Your Own Custom Aluminum Extrusion Die
If you are interested in learning more about our custom aluminum products and the services we use in our aluminum fabrication shops, give Silver City Aluminum a call at 508-824-8631. Our skilled design technicians can help you through the process of designing your very own custom aluminum extrusion dies and can help you choose any additional post extrusion operations or finishing options that you require.