Working Beyond Standard Extrusions and Custom Extrusion Dies

custom-extrusion-tubingThere are some situations where basic standard extrusions just won’t work. While you can take a simple rod and bar aluminum extrusion and customize it to suit your needs, there are some situations where post extrusion operations just won’t cut it. Custom extrusion dies help our clients to create finished products and parts that are exactly to their specifications. One of the ways that we use these custom extrusion dies is to create unique aluminum extruded tubing. There are many different processes, shapes and sizes of aluminum extruded tubing that can be created here at Silver City Aluminum at our local New England facility.

What Is Aluminum Extruded Tubing?
The first thing to understand is what the different types of standard extrusions describe. Aluminum extruded tubing is a hollow product that is completely cylindrical. However, it is important to note that square-shaped and rectangular-shaped hollow tubing also falls under this category. Some of the ways that you may have seen these types of rod and bar aluminum extrusions used in real life applications include aluminum gutters, downspouts and other types of residential or commercial construction supplies.

In addition to having a hollow and cylindrical or squared off shape, aluminum extruded tubing that is created through the use of basic standard extrusions or custom extrusion dies may also have cross-sections that are round, square or rectangular. Through the use of the client created and approved dies, these cross-sections are formed during the extrusion process to create a one-piece finished product that does not require any additional post extrusion operations. To achieve these goals, aluminum extruded tubing can be done with hot, warm or cold extrusions at a variety of different temperatures.

Different Shapes, Sizes and Applications
Due to the extreme malleability of the rod and bar aluminum that is used to create these custom and standard extrusions in the shape of tubing, there are so many different shapes, sizes and ways that these products and parts can be used. The strength that comes from our high quality and professional aluminum extrusion process here at Silver City Aluminum, combined with a variety of post extrusion operations that can be done to enhance and increase the abilities of the aluminum material itself, help to lend these products to a variety of unique uses that you might not expect from aluminum.

Some of the ways that aluminum extruded tubing can be used include:

  • lighting fixtures
  • structural applications
  • outdoor poles for lighting or electrical equipment
  • transportation of gas and fluids
  • hardware fixtures and joints
  • industrial equipment
  • lightweight building frames

In addition, the ability of custom and standard extrusions made from aluminum materials to conduct electricity and work as a good reflector and conductor of heat make it a great choice fo applications that require heat transfer and heat shielding. There are many different industries and manufacturing requirements that benefit from the use of aluminum products made from custom extrusion dies or basic rod and bar aluminum parts. The basic characteristics of the aluminum itself gives a great advantage in its flexibility and surprisingly high strength-to-weight ratio.

Other Post Extrusion Operations
In addition to cutting down these custom and standard extrusions to the specifications of the client, there are other post extrusion operations that can be applied to customize the end result even further. While for many businesses, using standard extrusions of aluminum tubing can be all that is needed, others wish to take it another step and create a truly custom result through the use of custom extrusion dies designed in-house for results that will increase quality and separate them from their competitors.

Adding a coating to your tubing, rod and bar aluminum extrusions, such as powdered coatings or anodized coating, are some of the more popular post extrusion operations around. Silver City does all of this work in-house at our one-stop fabrication and extrusion shop right here in Taunton, Massachusetts. This saves our clients time and money that would otherwise be wasted in shipping the custom or standard extrusions from our shop to another shop for post extrusion operations. Doing this work in-house also gives us complete control over the results, allowing us to guarantee customer satisfaction from the initial creation of the custom extrusion dies all the way to the shipping and delivery of the finished product.

Additional post extrusion operations are also done at our Massachusetts facility, including fabrication of long and short parts, de-burring, heli-coiling and even assembly, if the client so desires. Precision cuts, machine mounted features, milling and client-specified holes can also be added according to the needs of each order that we fill. While we do offer standard extrusions for tubing of all shapes and sizes, we do encourage our customers to take that extra step and create custom extrusion dies that will perfectly match their unique needs.

Standard, Custom and Post Extrusion Operations at Silver City Aluminum
If you are in the market for standard or custom tubing, rod and bar aluminum extrusions or a variety of other shapes and styles, give Silver City Aluminum a call. We believe that it is in the best interest of the client for our team to be involved in every step of the planning and manufacturing business of creating each and every aluminum extrusion at our shop. From helping you to design and create your custom extrusion dies to choosing the various post extrusion operations that would enhance your final product, you can count on the knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians at Silver City Aluminum to see you through. Call us today at 508-824-8631 to get more information or to place an order!