Extrusion and Fabrication: Creating Unique Shapes and Results

extrusion-and-fabricationThe linear products that are created through custom aluminum extrusion are pretty simple at first glance. However, the more that you look at the extrusion and fabrication process, you begin to see all of the unique ways that aluminum products can be customized for specific use within such a wide variety of industries. Aluminum fabrication shops and extrusion shops that do everything on-site and in-house, such as Silver City Aluminum in Southeastern Massachusetts, help clients realize their vision and help them create parts, pieces and fully assembled products that allow them to achieve their goals.

There are many benefits associated with choosing to work with aluminum products. Just the basic properties of the metal itself is advantageous. Aluminum is one of the most often recycled metals in the world and it does not lose any of its properties or abilities regardless of how many times it is recycled and reused. What that means is that aluminum is extremely sustainable, which is important to many of today’s top designers, manufacturers and businesses, as it has become extremely important to most modern consumers.

The New “Kid” on the Block
Compared to other metals that have been used for hundreds and thousands of years here on earth, aluminum is relatively “new” to the scene. Once it was discovered that aluminum had such a high strength to weight ratio and that it was very affordable to use in custom aluminum extrusion, its popularity really grew. According to historical record, aluminum is considered to be one of the most recent metals to be used in industrial manufacturing. It has been used in this manner by aluminum fabrication shops for extrusion and fabrication only just a little over a hundred years.

While there are many different shapes and sizes available to be created through custom aluminum extrusion, even standard shapes, such as rods, bars, channels, angles and beams, are also available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. All of these shapes, whether standard or custom aluminum extrusion, are formed from a stock aluminum material known as a billet. The billets are heated before they are pushed through a smaller standard or custom extrusion die to create the desired end result of aluminum products.

Once the shapes have been created and cut according to the client’s specifications, additional work can be done to add coatings, punch holes, de-burr and enhance the aluminum products within the aluminum fabrication shops. Shops like Silver City Aluminum offer all of these services under one roof, including aluminum extrusion and fabrication, as well as finishing through painting or coating the finished products. They even offer assembly services of custom aluminum extrusion parts and pieces if the client so desires.

How Aluminum Products Are Used
There are many different industries that rely on aluminum products. Some of the uses and applications of custom aluminum extrusion parts, pieces and products include the creation of window frames and door frames. Aluminum fabrication shops also work to create car bumpers, frames and other components for the automotive industry. Structural applications, light building frames, hardware joints and more all aid the construction industry.

Aluminum products are even used to create furniture, medical equipment, transportation, electronic components, fitness equipment, protective siding for homes and much more. Through extrusion and fabrication, aluminum products are very lightweight and flexible, allowing them to be used in an unlimited number of ways to the benefit of both manufacturers and consumers alike.

Considered to be “green” and very earth-friendly, aluminum products are 100 percent recyclable. They are much more sustainable and better for the environment because recycling aluminum only requires 20 percent of the energy that is used to acquire virgin aluminum materials. So in addition to being able to re-use aluminum products over and over again without limit, significant cost savings can be realized for custom aluminum extrusion as a result.

Learn More About Extrusion and Fabrication
If you are interested in learning more about what aluminum fabrication shops do or about how the entire extrusion and fabrication process works, contact Silver City Aluminum. The aluminum products that we create for our clients through standard and custom aluminum extrusion help them to achieve their goals, save money and save time because we do every bit of the process right here in-house. This also allows us to have better control over the quality of the finished product because we are involved every step of the way.

To find out more about Silver City Aluminum, designing custom aluminum extrusion dies or the benefits associated with using aluminum products in manufacturing, give us a call at 508-824-8631 at our Taunton, Massachusetts location. We serve the needs of customers in search of extrusion and fabrication, as well as finishing for aluminum products, right here in the northeastern states and around the globe.