Using Custom Steel Dies to Make Extruded Aluminum Channels

aluminum-channelsSales of standard aluminum extrusions and custom aluminum extrusion parts, pieces and products in the United States are on the rise. Custom extrusion dies can be used to create an unlimited number of unique shapes and sizes for manufacturing companies and product sales. Extruded aluminum channels are lightweight and have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. The material is very affordable and environmentally friendly, as aluminum is the most frequently recycled metal in America and can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties.

Compared to other metals that are used with standard and custom extrusion dies, aluminum is the third most abundant metal on the planet. However, because of its ability to be recycled and because of the high rate of recycling by average citizens and businesses alike, some of the aluminum in use today has been used and re-used for over 100 years in commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

While it may be costly and energy-intensive to extract aluminum ore from the Earth, the return on investment even for virgin materials is very high, as the products created through the custom aluminum extrusion process are very strong and durable, lasting for many years compared to other metals. Despite fluctuating sales of aluminum extrusions and other types of aluminum materials and parts, the demand for extruded aluminum channels remains high. This rise in demand is seen by industry insiders as reflective of the increase in vehicle sales and boosts made in new construction as the economy picks up.

Automotive and Construction Industries
While both of these industries are easily swayed by economic changes, business is currently booming on both counts. However, while it is likely that sales will drop again in the future, as they always tend to do, manufacturers diversify the sales of extruded aluminum channels and other standard aluminum extrusions to other markets.

  • TRANSPORTATION – Custom aluminum extrusion through the use of client designed custom extrusion dies is used to create railways, buses, boats, automobiles and other alternative forms of transportation.
  • ELECTRICAL – This industry will always rely on extruded aluminum channels as long as electrical power remains the primary source of energy in this country.
  • APPLIANCES – Another industry that relies heavily on custom aluminum extrusion and standard aluminum extrusions is the appliance manufacturing industry, which uses these parts to create their products for both commercial and household consumer markets.
  • LIGHTING – Extruded aluminum channels are also used to manufacture lighting fixtures, light poles and other indoor and outdoor lighting products, including frames and other essential parts.
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT – Another common use of channels created with custom aluminum dies and standard profiles is the home improvement industry; window frames, door frames, sliding door tracks and other products are used in a number of ways throughout the construction, remodeling and even DIY home improvement businesses.

From car bumpers to boat railings, hardware joints to window frames, frame extensions to dock ladders and an unlimited number of finished products, parts and pieces in between, extruded aluminum channels are used just about everywhere and in just about every industry because of the clear advantages associated with using them.

Other Advantages of Using Extruded Aluminum Channels
In addition to the many different ways that extruded aluminum channels can be used, there are also other advantages that many people might not be aware of when thinking about using custom aluminum extrusion or standard aluminum extrusions for parts. Aluminum channels are good conductors or heat and have a high conductivity of electricity. They also reflect heat and are idea for heat transfer and heat shield applications as well.

Some of the manufacturing industries that benefit from these advantages include:

  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • medical
  • construction
  • manufacturing
  • shipping
  • electrical

Extruded Aluminum Channels at Silver City Aluminum
Silver City Aluminum has built a solid reputation for creating custom aluminum extrusion through the use of specifically designed custom aluminum dies or profiles. We create finished products that meet the unique requirements and specifications of our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing each and every client with the absolute top standards of quality control and customer service. We take pride in delivering a superior custom aluminum product that will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

We keep our focus on the application of the product itself, considering how it will be used and the durability and strength required for best results. In our years of experience, we have discovered that the more we are able to get involved in the overall process of designing and creating custom extrusion dies, the better we will be able to meet the needs and demands of our clients in the finished design. To find out more about Silver City Aluminum and the services we provide, visit our website and use our Contact form or give us a call at 508-824-8631.