Why Working With a One Stop Shop Fabrication Service is Best

one-stop-fabricationSilver City Aluminum is a one stop shop fabrication service that provides clients with custom and standard extrusions, fabrication and finishing all at one location. What that means is that our lead time is shorter than most of our competitors because we do everything in house. Our team of top notch technicians will personally take care of your aluminum extrusions from start to finish, from the moment you create your very own custom steel die to the moment that the product is delivered – we do it all.

This article will deal with some of the top reasons why so many professional businesses choose to work with a one stop shop fabrication service like Silver City to create their aluminum materials. Whether you want to create a fully custom extrusion or use one a popular standard extrusion die for the development of your products, we have the tools, the team, the training and the experience to create a final product that will meet or exceed your expectations.

The Advantages of Using a One Stop Shop Fabrication

In addition to faster lead times, there are other reasons why our clients prefer our fully in house method of creating custom and standard extrusions at Silver City Aluminum. Here are just some of the advantages that we hear our clients rave about the most:

  • Lower Costs – Because we keep your products in house from the point of die creation to aluminum materials extrusion, fabrication and finishing to boot, your production costs overall are lower than with services that send off aluminum materials around the state or across the country to add paint, coatings and other finishing applications. Additional costs can be added to overall production cost when shipping and transportation costs for pieces to fabricators or finishers are included.
  • Better Control – When the manufacturing process of your custom and standard extrusions are controlled by one provider from start to finish, it is easier to control the entire process to create a more exceptional finished product. Silver City prides itself on its ability to monitor and control the orders of each client every step of the way to provide better quality results and more satisfied customers.

Fabrication of Extruded Aluminum Materials

Silver City Aluminum offers a number of professional fabrication services for all of our custom and standard extrusion die products to help our clients get the parts they need with all the bells and whistles they require. This next section will give you an overview of some of the fabrication processes available at our one stop shop fabrication service.

  • LONG PART – One of the biggest advantages of working with Silver City is our unique ability to fabricate up to 30 foot long extrusions. Many aluminum extrusion facilities can’t create parts that long. We use our high speed Emmegi CNC machines to take care of these long extrusions, which benefit from a 4+1 controlled axis, allowing for a continuously controlled spindle on the range of 0-180 degrees. We also used high speed angle machining heads that can be used to machine the five faces of a processed part, allowing for machining, drilling and tapping at very tight tolerances for better consistency overall.
  • SHORT PART – In addition to being able to fabricate 30 foot extrusions, we can also fabricate short custom and standard extrusions from a quarter of an inch on up to 27 inches in length. We use our Fanuc Robo Drill units to accomplish these tiny, yet powerful tasks, which can operate off of a three axis high speed system that is also used to machine parts to extremely, yet consistently, tight tolerances.
  • PUNCHING – Our team of technicians have mastered the art of creating custom pneumatic and hydraulic punches. Silver City can create custom punches for both high and low volume jobs to provide our clients with the best standard of consistency and quality.
  • SAWING – Another one of our mastered techniques is the ability to do precision sawing. Our state of the art precision B&O saws help us to provide finish cutting for our custom and standard extrusions in our one stop shop fabrication service. We can create tight tolerances for pieces ranging between a quarter of an inch on up to 240 inches in length.
  • MITERING – Our mitering saw allows us the ability to miter parts, ranging from 22.5 degrees to 135 degrees, allowing for lengths of aluminum materials between 13.75″ on up to 19 feet, 8 inches.

Secondary Operations at Silver City Aluminum

In addition to all of our sawing, mitering, punching and fabrication of long and short parts, Silver City also provides a wide variety of secondary operations for our clients. Again, being able to do all of this in house in our one stop shop fabrication helps us to provide a better quality product overall and shorten our lead times considerably.

  • DE-BURRING – The process of de-burring our machined parts is a standard service that is included with the manufacturing of custom and standard extrusions at Silver City. We do this after punching or other types of fabrication to remove any small burrs that are left behind for better quality control.
  • VIBRATORY DE-BURRING – In order to provide our clients with the best possible results, we use many different de-burring techniques. This method is used for high volume jobs and relies on a big, vibrating, fully automated tumbler encasement to do the job. It effectively removes any burrs off of the aluminum materials and parts that we produce as they are vibrated and moved around inside the encasement. This is accomplished without damaging or scratching the materials.
  • TUMBLER DE-BURRING – The difference between this technique and the vibratory de-burring technique is that the burrs are removed by tumbling 360 degrees continuously for a specific period of time in order to achieve the desired results.
  • HELI-COILING – Heli-coil inserts are precision formed and inserted into a heli-coil tapped hole to provide a permanent conventional screw thread. This results in a much stronger, more reliable fitted product that, because of its super snug fit, eliminates the ability of the materials to wear out, corrode, seize or rust over time.

Finishing Services at Silver City

In addition to our fabrication and secondary operations, Silver City keeps moving forward and provides our clients with the ability to utilize our finishing services. Painting, using a pre-treat finish, applying a polycron treatment, power coating and anodizing are just some of the finishing services offered to our clients.

The maximum length of materials that can be painted at Silver City are 20 feet. We use a four-stage pre-wash system to pre-treat all of our aluminum materials for painting to create a better finished product and longer lasting results. Speak with one of our representatives to find out more about all of our professional finishing services.

Custom and Standard Extrusions at Silver City

Businesses that are looking for high quality aluminum materials and a dedicated one stop shop fabrication service need look no further than Silver City. Our team can provide you with all of the custom and standard extrusions you need and can help you choose a standard extrusion die for your project or assist you in creating your own custom die. Call Silver City at 508-824-8631 in Taunton, Massachusetts for a FREE estimate. We ship our custom and standard extrusions in Southeastern Massachusetts and around the globe!