Why Aluminum Extrusions Are Becoming More Popular Worldwide

popular-aluminumWhenever we hear reports about new technologies, structures and inventions being designed, created and used around the world, we often hear that those products are being made out of custom aluminum products. Aluminum has become a very popular metal and is now used more worldwide than ever before. There are certain advantages to choosing aluminum products over other materials. This article will feature some of the reasons why manufacturers and consumers alike are choosing custom aluminum products over other options.

As manufacturers of custom aluminum extrusion and standard aluminum extrusions, Silver City Aluminum knows the powerful reasons why aluminum has become such a popular material. Through our many years of experience working with aluminum extrusion design and the creation of custom aluminum products for clients around the globe, we have earned a solid reputation for creating top quality products.

Aluminum is… Environmentally Flexible
Unlike any other metal on the face of the earth, aluminum is the only metal that can be used in so many different industries. Because of its chemical makeup, aluminum is idea for use in the home, in the design and creation of transportation, on the land, out on the sea and up in the air. Aluminum can be used just about anywhere!

Aluminum is… Strong and Durable
Aluminum has the ability to withstand a lot of punishment. Therefore it is the choice of specialized applications and industries, such as the gun industry, in health and fitness equipment design, commercial quality lighting, the gun industry, for vending machines, HVAC equipment, doors and windows, framing, the medical industry, commercial and retail signs, displays and partitions – the list is endless.

Aluminum is… Multi-Faceted
Some of the special characteristics of aluminum is that it is resistant to corrosion, has a very low density, is a conductor of electricity, has strength in allows and has ductility. There aren’t any other metals that can say all that. It is also non-toxic, odorless and impermeable, which is why aluminum is ideal for the packaging of food and beverages. It is a very safe metal material.

Aluminum is… Naturally Resistant to Corrosion
One of the most popular characteristics of aluminum, which makes it ideal for creating custom and standard aluminum extrusions across a number of different industries is its natural resistance to corrosion. Aluminum forms an oxide coating that becomes non-destructive and protective. This layer of natural protection makes aluminum a great choice for construction of buildings and other things that will be used or stored outdoors.

Aluminum is… A Conductor of Electricity
A great choice for long distance power lines due to its electrical conductivity and light weight, aluminum transmits conducted heat and also works to reflect radiant heat. As a result, it is also used for manufacturing radiators, building insulation and cooking utensils. While pure aluminum can be carved and shaped when it is treated with heat, it provides the same strength as steel when mixed with other alloys but at just one third the weight.

Aluminum is… Extremely Light Weight
Having only about one third of the weight compared to steel or copper. This makes aluminum ideal for use in trucks, cars and other vehicles, as it increases the fuel efficiency of the finished product. Many new designs for transportation vehicles are including custom aluminum products in their design in order to achieve a higher MPG to meet consumer demand.

Aluminum is… Recyclable
Actually, the truth is that aluminum is one of the rare metals that is 100 percent recyclable. What that means is that there is no limit to the number of times that aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing its integrity or compromising any of its inherent properties or characteristics. Approximately 95 percent of the energy required for primary production of raw aluminum can be saved simply by using recycled aluminum products.

Where to Order Custom Aluminum Extrusion
If you are in the market for custom aluminum products made from standard aluminum extrusions or custom aluminum extrusion, look no further than Silver City Aluminum in Taunton, MA. We specialize in custom aluminum extrusion design and provide our services to customers throughout the New England area and around the world. For more information about the various custom aluminum products, fabrications and finishings available at our one-stop shop, give us a call at 508-542-7200.