New England Extrusion & Fabrication at Silver City Aluminum

special-extrusionThere are many reasons why manufacturers and other businesses choose to use the high quality aluminum custom and standard extrusions available through Silver City Aluminum. However, one of the biggest advantages associated with using our services is that we do everything in house. In fact, you could say that Silver City is a one-stop shop.

What that means is that we do not send your aluminum extrusion and fabrication products off-site to have any post extrusion operations done to it. Our team takes care of everything here on-site, meaning that we have shorter lead times than other extrusion companies and have the ability to even meet quick deadlines on special orders for our clients.

Standard Extrusions

While we are known for our ability to create custom products through our extrusion and fabrication services, we also offer a wide variety of standard products created with our most popular line of standard extrusion die options. You can purchase standard extrusions of bars and angles, as well as tubes that are solid and hollow, square or circles, according to your needs. For more detailed information about our standard extrusions and stock profiles made from standard extrusion die, ask to see our Standard Profile Catalog or view it online at our website.

Custom Extrusions

Silver City Aluminum provides a wide variety of custom extrusion and fabrication products, as well as a large selection of special services and applications with regard to post extrusion operations. We can create custom aluminum extrusions in a profile of up to eight inches in diameter. To find out more about creating a custom extrusion die and everything that is involved, please contact our customer service department and we will go over all of the requirements with you to help get you started.

Specialty Extrusion and Fabrication

In addition to our standard and custom extrusion and fabrication work, we also do some specialty operations. You might be surprised to see some of the special custom fabrications and aluminum extrusions that we have been able to achieve here at Silver City Aluminum. All of our designs are created according to our client’s specifications and are made to be extremely durable and strong.

  • Snow Making Applications – One of our custom extrusions that we are very proud of is our custom snow making guns. Made from a special aluminum extrusion, these products are very durable, yet lightweight. They are designed to stand up to high pressure and withstand outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. Compared to similar applications by other manufacturers, there are distinct advantages associated with our specialty extrusion and fabrication of these snow making applications.
  • Liquid Nitrogen to Gas Exchange Cold Sinks – Our team has perfected the ability to extrude the heat sinks that are required for the liquid nitrogen to gas conversion for big holding tanks. These tanks are seen all throughout the New England area at commercial buildings, local municipal public buildings, hospital parking lots and other locations throughout the region.
  • Automotive Industry Collars – Silver City also produces the collars that are used within the automotive and other major industries. First, the pieces are extruded into long lengths. Then, they are cut into smaller pieces according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The smaller pieces are then used to fabricate opposite collars. This process helps to reduce the cost for making these specialty extrusion and fabrication pieces, making them even more cost-effective for our clients. They are also a very durable and effective alternative to steel, which costs even more to manufacture for this purpose.
  • Telescoping Profiles – We also have the ability to create telescoping profiles that are designed to fit perfectly into one another. Display companies place orders for these specialty post extrusion operations and custom extrusion and fabrication products most often. Each profile that we create is kept at an extremely tight tolerance in order to create a snug-fitting product within the telescoping shape.

Where to Order Custom and Standard Extrusions

Silver City Aluminum has been providing custom, specialty and standard extrusions, as well as post extrusion operations, such as finishing and fabrication, to our customers for many years. Our team has all of the knowledge, experience and training required to produce the best possible results for our clients. We are dedicated to providing top standards of customer service and quality control for each and every order we produce.

We believe strongly that it is our direct interaction with our clients that helps us to create custom and standard extrusions that meet or exceed their needs, according to the product’s intended end use. Silver City Aluminum takes pride in getting fully involved in every step of the process from design to delivery, to ensure customer satisfaction. Give us a call at our Taunton, Massachusetts location at 508-542-7200 to find out more about our services or to place an order.