How Custom Aluminum Extrusions Revolutionized the Industry

revolutionaryThere are a lot of reasons why industry experts have called the freedom that has come from the process of custom aluminum extrusions revolutionary. First and foremost, the restraints that once held back the abilities of aluminum to be shaped and molded into various styles were suddenly cast aside. A custom die can be created that will extrude the aluminum into any desired shape according to the exact specifications of the designer without any loss of tension and cross section within the metal. Aluminum extrusion has increased the advantages of using aluminum as a material in manufacturing, construction, transportation and across many specific industries around the world.

The dies that are used to make the standard or custom aluminum extrusions are cheap and easy to make. Because they are made of steel, they have a long life, making the return on the initial investment very profitable for the manufacturer.

The custom design and creation of the die for use in making extrusions for aluminum doors and windows, as well as many other products, reduces the requirement for extra machining, which cuts costs and waste associated with manufacturing. Additional costs for fabrication through welding are not required, as the piece is made as-needed without requiring welds, according to the extrusion die design. Welding doesn’t just add cost, it also adds time. When creating custom aluminum extrusions that require minimal fabrications, the lead time is greatly reduced.

What Are Aluminum Extrusions?
The method behind creating products or parts made from aluminum using the extrusion method is a simple, yet genius approach, which forces aluminum into a steel die to create a continuous cross section that takes advantage of all the properties associated with this versatile metal. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum is just one of the reasons why aluminum is such a desired material, but the ability of this metal to be extruded in this way, has to be one of the biggest advantages of using aluminum by far.

Several different industries use aluminum because of its versatility. It is also one of the most plentiful materials on the planet and is 100 percent recyclable. What that means is that you can recycle aluminum over and over again and never lose any of the inherent properties that make it such a popular choice. Other metals can only be recycled so many times and they begin to degrade or must be combined with raw materials or other alloys in order to retain their strength. Aluminum remains just as strong, durable and versatile as ever, no matter how many times it is recycled.

Other Advantages of Using Aluminum
An excellent thermal conductor, aluminum can also dissipate and reflect heat. It can also conduct electricity. Aluminum is lightweight, coming in at just a third of the weight of steel. Aluminum is malleable, which is why it is perfect for creating custom aluminum extrusions. The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum makes it almost impossible to corrode and because it is so plentiful, aluminum is one of the most low cost materials available. All of these benefits combined together reveal why aluminum extrusions are used to create a wide variety of products, parts and materials across many different industries.

There are still additional advantages of using aluminum, is that it can be fabricated and finished to create even more custom aluminum extrusions after the initial process, according to the client’s specifications. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide variety of fabrication and finishing options, which are all handled in house, providing our clients with faster lead times, better quality control and more ways to customize their finished product. From rough finishes to polished finishes, anodizing to painting, there are many different things that can be done with custom aluminum extrusions at Silver City.

Uses of Custom Aluminum Extrusions
There are many different uses for both standard and custom aluminum extrusions. In fact, because of the natural corrosion resistance of aluminum and the other inherent property advantages of using aluminum, it can be used in many different industries. From high quality aluminum doors and windows for residential or commercial properties to automotive parts for fuel efficient vehicles, custom aluminum extrusions are very high in demand.

Overall, aluminum is one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and durable materials that manufacturers could ever choose to create the parts, products and pieces they need to run their business. When it comes to designing custom aluminum extrusions, the steel dies can be developed to be just about any shape, size or configuration that the client desires, allowing for complicated designs without a lot of extra effort. Other metals and other methods would require a lot more work to achieve similar results.

Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience working with our clients to create a wide variety of unique and custom aluminum extrusions, as well as to provide our customers with a selection of standard aluminum extrusions to choose from, should they need them. If you have any questions about how to place an order for our custom aluminum extrusions or if you have questions about the advantages of using aluminum and whether or not these products would be right for you, give us a call. Our customer service team is available to assist you.