One-Stop Shop for Aluminum Extrusion, Fabrication & Finishing

one-stop-shopIn a world where it seems as though everyone simply specializes in one thing and then outsources the rest of the project, it can be difficult to find a professional company that serves as a one stop shop for fabrication, extrusion and finishing of quality aluminum products. Silver City Aluminum, which is based in Taunton, Massachusetts, provides custom aluminum extrusion services to clients throughout the northeastern states and across the country. We also serve as a true one stop shop fabrication and finishing stop, providing our customers with shorter lead times and top quality results.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?
Aluminum extrusion is a technique that is used to transform aluminum into objects with a specific shape that is created by a profile or die. The extruding process itself makes the most out of the properties of aluminum. The malleability of aluminum when heated makes it the easiest metal to machine, cast and extrude, however it offers real stability and durability when it is heated and it can be alloyed with other metals to increase strength. Aluminum has about one third the density and stiffness of steel, making it an excellent lighter weight alternative for many manufacturers.

The process of aluminum extrusion includes:

  • custom design of the profile or die to be used to create the shape
  • OR selection of a standard “stock” die
  • heating the aluminum billets to 800-925 degrees F
  • 10 million pounds of pressure push the aluminum material through the profile or die to force the metal into the desired shape
  • the standard or custom aluminum extrusion moves to a cooling table where it is stretched into the proper size and shape before being cooled
  • more cooling and hardening of the metal
  • heat treating in ovens to speed up the aging process and harden the standard or custom aluminum extrusion even further

The basic properties of aluminum allow for this unique and custom aluminum extrusion to take place, resulting in a high-quality client-specific shape that can be used to create any number of products. There are many advantages of using aluminum, which is why these custom projects are used to create parts for many different industries. Automotive, construction, design, airplanes, outdoor furniture – the possibilities of using seamless and durable custom aluminum extrusion parts are endless.

What is Aluminum Fabrication?
When we say that Silver City Aluminum is a one stop shop fabrication, extrusion and finishing service – we mean it. At Silver City we offer a wide range of fabrication capabilities that can help our clients fabricate just about any part of a design that they require. Our high quality standards help us deliver an amazing finished product that will truly exceed their expectations. We also offer a variety of secondary operations that can be used to further customize and fine-tune your custom aluminum extrusion parts and pieces. One of the advantages of using aluminum is that it is easy to work with, which is why we choose to do all of the parts in the process of fabrication right here in our shop.

  • DEBURRING – Tiny little pieces of aluminum are sometimes left behind following the extrusion, punching and fabrication processes. Silver City Aluminum deburrs all of the machined parts as part of our standard service. We want to make sure that the custom aluminum extrusion you order is of the highest quality to ensure client satisfaction.
  • HELICOILING – Another secondary operation that we provide is a technique known as helicoiling. Helicoil inserts are coils that have been wound and precision formed to create a permanent conventional screw head that is much stronger and more reliable due to its precision fit. Using helicoiled inserts prevents rusting, corrosion and wear over time compared to other methods of joining.
  • ASSEMBLY – Silver City Aluminum takes it a step further and moves beyond creating a custom aluminum extrusion and providing one stop shop fabrication services as well. Our team will even assemble a product if we are making most of the parts for it when our clients ask us to get involved in the assembly process, making it even faster and easier for you to deliver your finished products to your customers and ensure that they are put together properly.

What is Aluminum Finishing?
Silver City Aluminum also offers three different types of aluminum finishing that can be used to add a protective or aesthetic coating to your custom aluminum extrusion products. One of the properties of aluminum is that it can be finished with liquid paint, powder coating or through the process of anodization. This is one of the true advantages of using aluminum in that it offers the client the opportunity to make the final product look a certain way. All of our aluminum finishing services are available by request.

  • PAINTING – We use a vertical electrostatic polycron line that can paint a custom aluminum extrusion that is up to 21 feet in length. The parts are all washed first using a four-stage pre-wash system, are dried and are then ready to be painted. The pre-wash process is designed to make sure that the liquid paint properly adheres to the surface properties of aluminum to create a smooth, clean surface. All paint is applied at approximately 2 mls of thickness for excellent results.
  • POWDER COATING – Our team uses several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide a great-looking finish without consuming a lot of lead time. The lead time required for powder coating will depend on the part that is being finished and the different products that are being used.
  • ANODIZING – Once the one stop shop fabrication process is completed, custom aluminum extrusion parts can be dyed using small or big runs. Clients can choose from a clear anodizing, black anodizing or a multi-color anodizing for true custom finished results.

Get Truly Custom Aluminum Extrusion at Silver City Aluminum
Give us a call today to find out more about the extrusion, fabrication and finishing services that we offer to our clients and take advantage of all the beneficial properties of aluminum. With all of the advantages of using aluminum that can be applied to your next project, look no further than Silver City Aluminum to get the job done. Our one stop shop for fabrication, extrusion and finishing helps to reduce lead time and our quality control services make sure you always get great results. Call Silver City today for more information or to get a FREE estimate on your custom aluminum extrusion project.