Aluminum Extrusion Shapes: Ideal Choice for Industry Solutions

aluminum-industry-solutionsOne of the most ideal metals available for the process of extrusion is aluminum. The properties associated with using aluminum materials make it perfect for creating a very diverse array of shapes and sizes. Aluminum extrusion shapes can be customized according to the precise measurements and specifications of a client so they can be used in a variety of applications and projects with very specific results.

The most common shapes of extruded aluminum, which are also known as standard aluminum extrusions, include tubing, channels and angles. These aluminum extrusion shapes are used primarily in the creation of appliances, computer parts and automotive parts. Extruded aluminum can be created into dimensions as small as a millimeter to as large as several meters in diameter.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Shapes
Beyond the standard shapes seen most often in extruded aluminum, there are also custom aluminum extrusion shapes that can be created specifically by the client. Custom profiles or dies are created from strong steel. The aluminum materials are heated to high temperatures and are then forced through the profiles using 10 million pounds of pressure to create a uniform, cross-sectional shape of the final product.

It is easy to change out the profiles or dies to allow for quick production of multiple shapes without having to stop production, make major changes and then start all over again. This saves lead time and cost, resulting in a very cost-effective and efficient finished product. The dies used to create the custom aluminum extrusion shapes can be used for manufacturing custom shape requirements, providing clients with advantages that make the use of aluminum materials a huge advantage.

Why Choose Aluminum Extrusion?
The process of aluminum extrusion has many advantages over other processes that are used to manufacture custom shape requirements. The use of aluminum materials in the extrusion process add even more benefits, which make it the top choice for fabricating certain products for certain industries.

Some of the benefits associated with using extruded aluminum include:

  • COST – extruded aluminum allows for an unlimited number of design options at a very cost-effective and affordable price compared to other materials
  • EASY – aluminum materials are very easy to work with and lend themselves graciously to complex cross-sections or shapes that have a non-uniform thickness
  • SEAMLESS – aluminum extrusion shapes can be made in a single process, eliminating the need for joining or welding, reducing manufacturing costs, cutting lead times and creating a truly seamless finished product
  • FEATURES – when using extruded aluminum, it is possible to build in certain features, including press, snap or sliding fit, self-tapping and even a groove and tongue feature, right into the aluminum extrusion shapes that are being created

How Extruded Aluminum is Used
There are a lot of different industries, products and solutions that rely on the custom aluminum extrusion shapes that are available through Silver City Aluminum. Standard extruded aluminum shapes, such as pipes, rods, hexes, bars, beams, z-bars, Ts and more are all used with interior and exterior applications. Custom aluminum materials can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Some of the industries that rely on extruded aluminum include:

  • CONSTRUCTION – the building industry uses aluminum extrusion shapes to create door and window frames, shop fronts, architectural framing, roofing and exterior cladding
  • TRANSPORTATION – the automotive and other types of transportation industries use extruded aluminum and other aluminum materials extensively to create automobiles, marine and aerospace products, railway coaches and much more
  • MACHINES – extruded aluminum is used in machines built for industry, consumers, commercial and public use, including computer circuit boards, vending machines, conveyors and much more
  • LIGHTING – Silver City works with a lot of different clients in the lighting industry that use aluminum extrusion shapes for LED lighting and track lighting applications

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Aluminum Materials
In addition to being the perfect material for extrusions and more, aluminum materials can also benefit from various coatings that are designed to keep them looking and performing great for many years in the future. Anodizing aluminum is a process that creates a coating that will protect the aluminum from the elements and corrosive materials. Silver City offers fabrication and finishing services in addition to creating aluminum extrusion shapes, including painting, powder-coating and anodizing aluminum parts for our clients.

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