One Stop Shop for Custom Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication

one-stop-shopFor companies that rely on the extrusion and fabrication of custom aluminum products, companies like Silver City Aluminum can help them to reduce lead times and tooling costs by providing both of these services under one roof. Silver City is your one stop shop for fabrication and extrusion. Unlike other companies who provide custom aluminum extrusion that have to send the pieces out for fabrication, adding time and cost to the finished product, Silver City has the ability to do all of these processes in-house at a real benefit to the client.

What Is Aluminum Extrusion?

The process behind extruding custom aluminum products provides the client with an almost unlimited opportunity to create variations on the product design at a very cost-effective rate. Custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication can also aid in cost-savings to businesses through the use of fewer components, less need for finishing, a simplified assembly process and an overall improved supply chain. Silver City cuts down the supply chain even further by offering a one stop shop fabrication and extrusion service in one.

The process of custom aluminum extrusion starts with the basic design. The extrusion begins to take place and various features are built into the die to simply the assembly of the finished product, enhance functionality, reduce weight and minimize the overall finishing costs. This results in a very cost-effective line of custom aluminum products that look great and perform beautifully as they were intended.

Traditional custom aluminum extrusion is used with a stationary die that is used to create a specific shape. The press ram applies pressure onto the billet, pressing it through the die to create custom aluminum products. There are two basic types of extruded shapes, which include solid extrusions that do not have any cavities, such as a round bar; and hollow extrusions which have cavities, such as a round tube.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly materials available to manufacturers today. It is nearly 100% recyclable with the highest rate of consumer, manufacturer and business end-user recycling on the planet. The unique ability of aluminum to be resistant to corrosion means that in most cases, finishing services won’t be required. However, when finishing is required by the client for aesthetic or additional corrosion resistance, there are many options available.

Brushing, polishing, anodizing and painting are just some of the ways that custom aluminum products can be finished. Anodizing offers some very unique benefits to the custom aluminum extrusion beyond the natural capabilities of aluminum as a raw material. After the anodizing process, there is very little impact on the ability of the product to be recycled when it is no longer needed.

The ability for companies like Silver City Aluminum to provide quality finished products that can go through the extrusion and fabrication process with a quick turnaround and at a wide range of lengths, including stock and custom lengths, to suit the needs of the client, are what make custom aluminum extrusion so beneficial in a variety of industries. When shifting to custom aluminum products that have gone through the extrusion and fabrication process, clients often see an increase in strength, improvement in thermal conductivity and a reduction in risk of corrosion.

At Silver City Aluminum – Just Make One Call and You’re Done!

If you are looking to reduce your lead time and get your custom aluminum products in your hands even faster than ever before, look no further than Silver City Aluminum. Silver City is your one stop shop fabrication, extrusion and finishing service that is fully dedicated to providing you with the best standards, quality control and service. Our goal is to provide our clients with custom aluminum extrusion, fabrication and finishing that will exceed all of their expectations.

We strive to keep our focus on the application of the custom aluminum products that we create, considering every aspect of the client’s needs and the product’s intended use. We work with every client as an individual and over the years we have discovered that the more we are involved in every stage of the product development and process, the better we are able to help our clients create custom aluminum products that fill their unique and specific needs. We take pride in every single extrusion and fabrication that we complete and we strive to always increase our customer service and quality control with every single order.