Advantages of Using Aluminum for Custom Doors and Windows

doors-and-windowsIron is the most widely used metal in the world and aluminum comes in at a close second. There are a number of advantages of using aluminum, such as a combination of attractive properties which include high strength, low weight, easy machining, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent malleability. In addition to all of those things, aluminum is also very easy to recycle and is the most recycled metal material in the world.

Why Aluminum is Great for Custom Doors and Windows
There are a couple of reasons why the properties of aluminum make it ideal for custom doors and windows. The advantages of using aluminum for this purpose include a lighter weight, greater strength and the ability to be easily formed into custom aluminum extrusion parts for clients that can be used in a number of different ways. In this article we will go over the many reasons why custom aluminum extrusion is a popular choice for custom doors and windows.

WEIGHT – The density of aluminum is a third of the density of steel, making it more lightweight.

STRENGTH – Most steel grades become brittle at low temperatures, however one of the properties of aluminum is that its strength increases at low temperatures. It should be noted that the strength of aluminum will decrease at consistent high temperatures.

EXPANSION – Aluminum has a large coefficient of linear expansion compared to other types of metals, which may need to be considered with some custom aluminum extrusion designs.

MACHINING – It is very easy to work aluminum through most machining methods, which is definitely of the advantages of using aluminum. Whether you decide to cut, mill, drill, punch or bend, aluminum will take whatever you can give it, without requiring a lot of energy to achieve these secondary operations.

MALLEABLE – Aluminum is extremely malleable, which is why it is such an excellent choice for extrusion. During custom aluminum extrusion, the metal can be either hot or cold and it will still be malleable, especially during bending and other types of forming.

JOINING – Another one of the advantages of using aluminum is that it can be easily joined together with other metals through fusion welding, bonding, taping or Friction Stir Welding to achieve the desired finished product.

REFLECTIVE – Aluminum is very reflective of both visible light and radiated heat.

NON-MAGNETIC – Yet another one of the properties of aluminum that are beneficial is that it is non-magnetic. As a result, aluminum is often used in magnetic x-ray devices so that it won’t interfere with the magnetic fields.

NON-TOXIC – Aluminum is one of the most common elements found in the Earth’s crust, second only to oxygen and silicon. In fact, you can naturally find aluminum compounds occurring in our food.

Uses in Custom Doors and Windows
At Silver City Aluminum, we specialize in the creation of door and window frames. We are committed to creating quality products and have thoroughly explored the advantages of using aluminum for this purpose. From frames to reinforcements, paneling to thermal filling, there are four primary components for custom doors and windows that are created right here. Custom aluminum extrusion is invaluable in this industry, with many clients and homeowners counting on the products that these businesses produce.

  • FRAMES – One of our more popular types of custom aluminum extrusion is for frames of custom doors and windows. The properties of aluminum are what make this a very popular material, allowing us to produce a top shelf product without any dents, indents or scratches on the surface.
  • REINFORCEMENTS – Another one of our important custom aluminum extrusion profiles is the creation of reinforcements for custom doors and windows. We can extrude these in any shape or size according to our client’s needs. Our team works directly with our clients to ensure that everything has been processed properly.
  • PANELING – Just as it sounds, one of our custom aluminum extrusion products is to create paneling for custom doors and windows that require great looking and functional extrusions.
  • FILLING – The final function that is used with custom doors and windows is the thermal filling and debridging that is done prior to installation to protect homeowners from the elements outdoors. To accomplish this we have a completely automated filler and debridging machine in-house.

Call Silver City for Custom Doors and Windows
If you are in the need of custom aluminum extrusion of parts for your next project, contact Silver City Aluminum. Go over the advantages of using aluminum to determine whether or not these services would be advantageous in your full line of custom doors and windows.