Many Homeowners Choosing Aluminum Doors and Windows Over PVC

aluminum-doors-windowsAdvances made in the technology used to fabricate aluminum doors and windows have proven them to be some of the most secure, efficient and versatile in the industry. While traditional aluminum frames were quite popular for many years, they were pushed aside in favor of PVC, which was touted as requiring less maintenance, lower in cost and easier to install. However, in recent years, custom aluminum extrusions have been used to improve thermal properties, reduce maintenance, increase cost-effectiveness and provide homeowners with aluminum industry solutions, which have essentially left other materials in the dust.

The Problems of Traditional Aluminum Frames
Some of the reasons why homeowners began to search for other options with regard to aluminum doors and windows were the problems associated with traditional aluminum frames. The way they were designed and fabricated caused them to be difficult to install, remove and maintain. They were also very prone to condensation, which is the enemy of proper home insulation.

There were also limits with regard to architectural style, as they were severely limited by their basic structure. Residential designers also began to steer away from traditional aluminum frames, as they were limited to silver or gray with regard to color. Plastic framing allowed for unique shapes, sizes and colors to be explored by home decorators and homeowners alike.

High-Tech Aluminum Doors and Windows
Fast forward to today. Through the use of custom aluminum extrusions, the aluminum industry solutions available today just in the market of doors and windows has completely changed. In recent years, aluminum doors and windows have advanced in a significant way due to new ways of fabricating them to increase thermal properties and allow for more aesthetic options.

Modern architecture demands the need for more customization in many different construction products. Doors and windows are no exception. Thanks to custom aluminum extrusions, manufacturers of aluminum doors and windows are now seeing a rise in interest from homeowners who are looking to replace their old, plastic windows.

While PVC may have been a welcome option in the past, today’s architectural style requires smaller profiles than plastic can provide. Unlike traditional aluminum frames, today’s custom aluminum extrusions offer very slim lines that don’t require all of the couplings and reinforcements used by other framing materials. Today’s aluminum doors and windows can be used just about anywhere and not detract from the style of the building itself.

Greater Strength and Return on Investment
One of the biggest advantages associated with choosing to work with aluminum industry solutions is the natural make-up of the aluminum itself. Aluminum is resistant to the elements, making it less likely to rot or warp compared to other traditional aluminum frames. Aluminum is also much stronger, providing a higher strength-to-weight ratio that can be shaped through custom aluminum extrusions and fabrications to fit any design requirements, without losing its strength.

Aluminum doors and windows also provide a high return on investment. They are very easy to maintain, increase the security levels of the home environment and are able to meet the highest standard for structural integrity in the business. Thanks to these advances, aluminum doors and windows can now meet architectural specs that plastic cannot and are available in just about any color. In addition to residential use, these aluminum industry solutions can also be used in restaurants, schools, government buildings and other types of light or heavy commercial property.

We Specialize in Custom Aluminum Extrusions
As more and more companies decide to start using aluminum doors and windows, they will need to count on an experienced company that specializes in the creation of frames for aluminum doors and windows. Silver City Aluminum, which is based in Taunton, Massachusetts, yet serves manufacturers and businesses all across the country, has built a reputation within the industry for providing custom products that are used within today’s aluminum industry solutions for doors and windows.

We are committed to providing custom aluminum extrusions and fabrications that are then used by our clients to build quality aluminum doors and windows. In addition to extruding frames for our clients according to their specifications, we also offer additional services, such as painting, powder coating and anodizing to provide a truly custom finish. Our team is dedicated to overseeing every step of the process so that we can deliver a top shelf product to our customers that is free of scratches, dents or inconsistencies.

In addition to framing, Silver City Aluminum also provides paneling, reinforcement, thermal filling and de-bridging for our clients as well. We believe that the design phase of product development must be carefully attended to in order to create the best-possible finished product that will be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally functional, exceeding the customer’s expectations. To meet the insulation needs of our clients, we also have a fully automated filler and de-bridging machine in-house that we use to fill the break in the profile.

Learn More About Our Aluminum Industry Solutions
To find out more about Silver City Aluminum or to learn more about our custom aluminum extrusions and other specialty services, give us a call or use our online contact form. Our team will show you examples of the work we have done so you can see our high-tech aluminum doors and windows that will enhance, protect and insulate for yourself. Contact us today and learn how Silver City can help take your aluminum doors and windows business to the next level.